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Property Management

DF Properties have been providing professional property management services throughout Limerick since 1999. We have a professional and trusted team of experienced, insured, qualified tradesmen and contractors such as plumbers , electricians, painters, cleaners, gardeners, handyman, appliance repair contractor, chimney cleaners, fencing services and much more. Contact us today about our service

Rent Management

Efficient rent collection tenants pay rent via standing order to our client monies accounts.

Prompt transfer of the rent minus property management fees to the landlord's bank account.

Preparation of financial statements on a monthly basis and remitting the balance to landlords.


Conduct quarterly property inspections to ensure compliance with the contract.

Present to the landlord an inspection report of the property condition for the landlords records.

Provide an end of year report outlining any damage to the property during the tenancy.


Save thousands of euro on potential refurbishment costs with a detailed inventory report.

We compile an inventory list of Furniture and Fittings for inclusion in the lease agreement.

Our Inventory reports are designed to minimise end of tenancy property condition disputes.

Point of Contact

As a property management client we act as the first point of contact with the tenant on all issues.

We provide mediation with tenants in the event of a dispute arising within the property.

Prompt action on all issues raised by tenants during the tenancy on rent and property issues.


A 24/7 emergency contact number is provided to all our tenants in the event of an issue.

Copies of maintenance or tradesmen invoices are provided to landlords when works are completed.

All our tradesmen are fully insured compliant industry experts to work on your property.

End of Year Accounts

Preparation of monthly landlord financial statements and transferring funds to landlords accounts.

Preparing end of year tax returns statements and invoices to keep your tax affairs up to date.

All property management fees and tradesmen fees are fully tax deductable.